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Open Air Hot Spring with view of Rural Landscape and Mountains

Our Bath is all 100 % natural hot springs.

slightly alkaline hot spring water is good for your skins.

Open Air Hot Spring


This 100% natural hot spring will make your skin more beautiful.

Open Air Hot Spring with Hakkoda Mountain Range View

Indoor Aomori Hiba Cypress Hot Spring


Hot Spring is available for hotel guest only.

Open Air Hot Spring with Hakkoda Mountain Range View.
Indoor Aomori Hiba Cypress Hot Spring.
Please relax with the scent of cypress.

Public Bath


Big Public Bath with 6 different bath.

Sauna, Water bath, hot spring waterfall shower, bubble bath, stone sauna and clear hot water.

You can find local people and enjoy chatting.

Dry Sauna with Aomori cypress


After long day at work, sauna is one of the best way to relax!

Please sweat a lot and feel refresh afterwards.

Dry sauna will make you sweat a lot.

Chilled beer after sauna is amazing.

Chilled beer is served at eating corner at the lobby of public bath.